Is Romanticism still relevant today?

Is Romanticism still relevant today?

This question asked by my English teacher has caused me to have a debate with myself for the last few hours. Here are my scrambled thoughts on the matter.

My initial reaction to this question was “ummm yes, have you not seen any recent chick flicks”? But then I thought about it more. The basis of romanticism came about in the late 18th century due to a shift in thinking when it came to money, power and politics. This change in thinking caused artists to think differently when creating their work. Literature and paintings transformed into more interesting and diverse pieces as their creators imaginations widened and as these changes occurred so did changes in society.

When thinking of the basic principles of romanticism I then struggled to find the link between romanticism and modern day romantic movies. Chick flicks are no longer original, within the last 12 months two movies have been released following their characters as they try to fall pregnant even though they are single.  Tell me where is the original thought in that? Then there are the majority of chick flicks that show women as being easily deterred in modern life. If Romanticism set society free then how can I compare it to something that traps people into a particular thought pattern?

I then tried to compare romanticisms artists to today’s artists. I admit I’m not one of those people who know a million artists names off by heart, sure I know who Andy Warhol is but besides from that my knowledge on the topic was (and still is) fairly limited. Who sprung to my mind when I thought of an artist though? Lady Gaga. She may not make the most quality music of all time (still annoyingly addictive though) but she has almost turned herself into art. A lot of people in today’s society look to her as some kind of hero as she has broken the trend of what has seemed like an endless stream of Barbies who lip sync. She has over the last 3 years acted as a catalyst for a change in thought, many are no longer bragging about the fact that they are almost identical to other people  and instead individuality (not that it truly exists) has become the new thing to strive for.

Is romanticism relevant today? Yes it’s relevant; although I think that in today’s society the basic principles behind it have been forgotten or are undervalued. There is a twist in today’s culture in the fact that there is hardly any culture at all. We need another revolution instead of living in the shadow of one that ended 120 years ago.

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